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Subscription-based service for legal entities

Subscription-based service for legal entities is one of our priority areas. This is one-stop legal service and support for your business on all business-related legal issues.

Subscription-based service is for those who have no in-house legal staff or whose in-house legal staff is overloaded with work.

Subscription-based service is a cost-effective and convenient option because:

  • you have an entire team of highly professional lawyers working for you for the salary of just one lawyer;
  • we will be able to answer any of your questions;
  • we do not go on vacation, nor do we quit the job at the wrong time or take sick leave;
  • we guarantee full confidentiality and are entirely responsible for what we do.

The subscription-based service includes a comprehensive package of legal support services for your business:

  • oral and written consultations by using communications facilities or with a visit to client premises;
  • assistance in drafting and maintaining company documents (internal documents, contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, etc.);
  • dealing with debtors;

Any problem always has a way out, let us find it together.

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