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Personal/family lawyer service

An increasing number of individuals in this country find it useful and necessary to use the services of one attorney - the personal/family lawyer who is familiar with your situation and therefore in a position to solve any problem in a more efficient way.

Using the services of a personal lawyer really helps to avoid serious problems in life, and not just raises your status. Unlike lawyers you retain on a non-recurring basis, your personal lawyer is motivated to ensure that you have no conflict situations and focuses his or her efforts on preventing or promptly resolving them.

Personal/family lawyer service includes:

  • unlimited number of on-line legal consultations in person or by telephone;
  • round-the-clock availability;
  • visiting the client in emergency situations on the terms specified in the agreement;
  • drafting contracts (including marriage contracts), representing your interests in negotiations and before government and other authorities;
  • Legal due diligence on legal documents, requesting and obtaining required documents on your behalf;
  • Legal review and support of transactions you enter into;
  • Representing your interests before law enforcement authorities,
  • and acting upon your instructions and in your interests in other ways.

Clients who enter into a personal lawyer service contract are issued the plastic card shown below.

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