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Assistance in critical situations

Nadmis, Attorneys at Law provide legal assistance free of charge in critical situations.

If you or your close relatives have suffered from any unfair treatment and as a result find yourself in a stalemate seeing no way out and having no means to pay for professional legal assistance, this is the service you would look for.

However disastrous the situation might seem to be, only a professional can help you to see it in the right light and find the way out. We are ready to do this free of charge if:

  1. The situation is really critical and has brought you to a stalemate (loss of housing, loss of a close relative, inaction of authorities, unlawful termination of paternal rights, etc.);
  2. You do not have the means to pay for legal services;
  3. You are willing to maintain a relationship of trust with your lawyer and do whatever you can to facilitate getting your case resolved.

Why we do this

  1. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to find a way out from seemingly hopeless situations and follow the cases of their clients through to a successful resolution;
  2. By conducting such "unusual" and complicated cases we get invaluable practice, and let us tell you that for us a happy resolution will replace the highest fee. We will be happy to realize that you overcame a difficult period thanks to our knowledge and efforts.
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