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Our fees

Service Fee, rubles
Oral consultations:
on civil law 10 000 or higher
on corporate law 15 000 or higher
on criminal law 12 000 or higher
on administrative law 10 000 or higher
Lawyer's visit to the client to provide a consultation 20 000 or higher
Engagement in negotiations with an site visit, including negotiations on out-of-court dispute resolution 25 000 or higher
Drafting written opinions, applications, complaints, petitions, contracts, enquiries, letters and other documents 10 000 or higher
Lawyer's legal assistance in:
an arbitration case 200 000 or higher
a criminal case 220 000 or higher
a civil case 150 000 or higher
an administrative case 120 000 or higher
Subscription-based service from 50 000 per month or higher
Personal/family lawyer service from 15 000

The oral consultation fees specified are minimum fees; the actual fee will depend on the complexity and the amount of issues raised. Upon entering into the legal services agreement, the consultation fee is deemed to be the client's advance payment under the agreement.

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